XIKAR is dedicated to providing value to consumers through unique, artful cutlery at a fair price. XIKAR stands behind its products through a lifetime total satisfaction warranty.


This magnificent cutter creates 6 tidy slits in the cap, whilekeeping it fully intact, but opening it enough for a perfect draw. Sometimes, it’s so clean you won’t even notice the slits. But take a pull on the cigar and be amazed.


The most durable travel humidors on the planet! These crush proof, waterproof portable humidors keep your cigars fresh and safe for weeks.


The premiere choice for discerning cigar enthusiasts seeking high-quality humidors with a unique design. Every humidor includes premium-kiln-dried Spanish cedar, quadrant hinges, a hygrometer, and a humidifier.


Each cutter is engineered to deliver only the finest cut for your very best cigars…. Engineered for today’s connoisseur, Palio’s superior design and construction make it the premiere choice in cigar smokers

Hydra electronic humidifiers keep your cigars at the perfect humidity level. Available in both a large and small size, Hydra ensures your cigars stay fresh.

Never worry if your digital hygrometer is accurate again. HygroSet is the world’s first adjustable digital hygrometer.


The ultimate golf divot tool! This must-have 6-in-1 mum-functional golf accessory can be used as a golf ball marker, divot tool, cigar holder, club head cleaner, golf grip saver, and shotgun : can opener.


Revolutionary cigar ashtrays with a wind proof deep bowl design that keeps ashes and debris from making a mess. Finally, ashtrays –
for real cigar smokers!


Need a cigar clip? Get-A-Grip! The patented design of the Get-A-Grip keeps your cigar horizontal at all times; ensuring a smooth,even burn. Keep your cigar clean, dry, and off surfaces. Durable,and easy to use, the Get-A-Grip attaches to almost anything

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