How to Choose a Cigar

Each type of cigar, referring to the wrap (Conneticut, Habano or Maduro) as well as type (Robusto, Toro, Churchill…etc) should be smoked in unique fashion. Clearly, thicker cigars, like the Gordo, necessitate more time, which could mean smoking for an hour or more. Thinner cigars, like the Robusto, can take anywhere from twenty to forty-five minutes in total, which should be adequately accounted for when choosing your preferable cigar.

Briefly, pertaining to the cigars available at Erez Cigars, Conneticut cigars are best for after meal smoking, the most popular time to enjoy a cigar due to its thorough and balanced nature. Habano cigars, also available here, are significantly stronger than most cigars and are known for this trait. Our last featured cigar type, Maduro, is known mostly for its sweet quality making them a perfect treat for any time of day.