How to Smoke a Cigar

In order to truly appreciate cigars and the art of smoking, there are several fundamental steps to follow. Ask the most experienced smokers and they will tell you, “Smoke slowly and do not draw too frequently, that will only spoil the taste by making it too hot”. Take about one moderately long draw a minute, but do not inhale. Cigar smoke is most enjoyed latent in the mouth, in company of the taste buds; inhaling cigar smoke will only make you cough. Enjoy your smoking experience, set the correct atmosphere to smoke in for superior enjoyment.


Each person should smoke and exhale in a manner that is most comfortable to them. Beginner smokers, or those who find a regular exhale most comfortable, just hold the smoke and release it in a normal breathing pattern. Some more experienced smokers blow the smoke out in a circular formation for more enjoyment.

The art of blowing an “O” is mastered with practice. Keep your lips tight in a circular, open manner and release small portions of smoke at a time. Keep your tongue adjacent to the floor or your mouth throughout the entire maneuver. Be sure to drag a significant amount of thick smoke and only manipulate the size of your mouth marginally (from open to less open) as you push the smoke through your mouth. Keep the atmosphere correct; blowing smoke circles in the wind is almost entirely impossible!

When to Put it Out

The last, most significant aspect of smoking cigars is when it is time to put the cigar down and call it a day. A good indication of when to put out your cigar is when the usual smoking maneuver brings too much heat, leaves or aftertaste to the experience. This usually occurs as the cigar is within the final two inches of its initial size. Cigars do not have to be put out like cigarettes (crushing it on an ashtray or under your foot). To properly put out your cigar just allow it to stop burning by itself inside the ashtray. Make sure to dispose of the cigar shortly after your session is over to avoid filling your surrounding atmosphere with a sour odor of cold tobacco.