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Erez Cigars has been selling Premium Cigars online since 1997. We specialize in premium high-end and boutique cigars, along with carrying a wide selection of the most popular cigar brands around. We pride ourselves in selling only the finest collection of cigars. Our general rule is “If we like to smoke it, we carry it.”

Great Cigar Products – Our customers want to know they are being recommended the very best products. We have the widest selection of premium cigars, accessories, humidors, cutters, and lighters. When new products come to market, Serious Cigars is known to be the first to have the newest and the most sought-after product. 

Great Cigar Deals – We offer a variety of promotions and deals to our customers on the great brands and products you want to smoke. You can expect to see regular promotions and offers on Montecristo, Cohiba, Macanudo, Romeo y Julieta, Flor de Oliva, Oliva, and many more. 

Great Service – Order by 3:00pm ET Monday – Saturday and your order ships the very same day. Have a question about products, promotions or your order…our best-in-class customer service team can help you. We are committed to meeting your needs; our goal is to continually provide the best shopping experience possible for Serious Cigar customers.

When you shop at Serious Cigars, you know you’ve picked from the finest collection of cigars around. 

We are the brick and mortar store, at your fingertips. 

Yours truly, 
Yaniv Erez

When Yaniv Erez was growing Up, he never even thought about cigars. When he joined the military service, however, spending five years aboard ships in the Mediterranean, Yaniv developed a love of the camaraderie enjoyed when smoking with friends.

After the military, Yaniv enrolled in university and gradu-ated with a degree in finance. He became involved with several businesses as financial officer, ultimately became a chief financial officer, and his increasing wealth allowed him to enjoy the finest cigars in the world. In 1999 he married, and eventually became the father of three children. Not satisfied with his success as an astute businessman in Israel, Yaniv emigrated to New York and began investing in real estate. His timing was perfect, and the success he enjoyed beginning in 2000 allowed him to retire in 2005 to Miami, Florida at the young age of 34.

Only his retirement didn’t last long. As Yaniv describes it: “As much as I enjoy a good cigar, and I do indeed love a good smoke. Sitting around and smoking all day was quite boring!”

What to do? Yaniv had a good friend who was the head of security on a cruise liner. Yaniv accepted an invitation to take a Caribbean trip and, while on the cruise, he visited the ship’s smoking lounge frequently. And there he discovered something very interesting.

Although many of the people in the lounge were smoking expensive thirty and forty dollar cigars, few of them were adept at choosing the right cigar, and fewer still were schooled in how to smoke for the greatest enjoyment.

Yaniv’s post-retirement problem was solved as he resolved to not only teach people how to really enjoy smoking a cigar, but to also provide them with a truly premium smoke at an affordable price.

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